Coronavirus Update and Response


Wabash National Keeps Critical Goods Moving through a Global Health Crisis

Our purpose at Wabash National is to Change How the World Reaches You. During these unprecedented times as we navigate through a global crisis, our focus is, simply, to reach you. We are doing everything we can to be agile and responsive to our changing world. Here’s the latest on how Wabash National is responding during the COVID-19 global crisis.


Keeping People Safe

The health and safety of our employees and communities come first. That’s why we have taken proactive measures to follow national, state and local guidance since the public’s heightened awareness of COVID-19 began. We will continue to do so until our communities have recovered from the COVID-19 crisis.

  • We have implemented business continuity plans and are making daily assessments on any change that might have a material impact on our operations.
  • We continue to actively work with our Tier 1 suppliers to proactively manage potential sub-supply threats.
  • We are communicating regularly with employees about how to keep themselves and their families healthy during this time.
  • We have implemented physical and administrative controls to reduce the risk of spread within our operating and office environments.
  • We utilize daily health screenings (or daily health self-declarations) for employees, contractors and visitors.
  • We are staying up-to-date with state mandates and communicating the expectations of compliance with and for our employees.
  • We’re requiring EHS and senior leadership approval for all travel, making a concerted effort to avoid “hotspots” throughout the country and ensuring that we have well-thought-out plans for travel.
  • We have suspended all company-sponsored large events, community use of our facilities and other forms of group gatherings involving external visitors, effective March 16 through June 30. We are encouraging event or group meeting organizers to explore ways of conducting events through livestreaming or other technologies.

Keeping Critical Goods Moving

As a leader of engineered solutions for the transportation, logistics and distribution industries, Wabash National remains open to support our customers who are delivering critical goods to hospitals, grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and consumers’ homes. We also continue to produce containment and aseptic equipment used for the production of vaccines and pharmaceuticals, as well as food processing equipment.

We are among those life-sustaining businesses that the country relies on to preserve public health and welfare throughout the COVID-19 pandemic (and according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s guidelines for essential business, qualify as an essential business under several critical categories, including transportation and logistics, critical manufacturing, healthcare and public health, food and agriculture, energy and chemical).

Our products are used on a daily basis by companies like Penske, Amazon, FedEx and Mobil, to keep essential goods in stock for consumers nationwide. And importantly, in addition to manufacturing, we service and repair these vital components to the logistics and supply chain industries daily. We keep some of America’s largest suppliers on the road every day.

We continue to actively work with our Tier 1 suppliers to proactively manage potential sub-supply threats. We will continue to monitor our supply chain, and if any abnormal conditions threaten our manufacturing network, we will alert customers or suppliers accordingly. If you have specific questions about how the COVID-19 and economic situation affects your business, please discuss them with your Wabash National representative.

Keeping Communities Going

Our employee-led Community Task Force is managing and promoting opportunities to give back in our communities. We are working with local food banks, schools, healthcare facilities and other nonprofit organizations to support agencies and families in need.
  • We manufactured thousands of full splash protective face shields that were donated to hospitals, cancer centers, surgery centers, dentist offices and other healthcare facilities.
  • We manufactured partitions so a local gym could open safely.
  • We moved refrigerated trailers from our lots to hospitals around the State of Indiana. We also coordinated movement of refrigerated product from our dealer lots across the country to serve a similar need.
  • We donated refrigerated trailers to transport food for school lunch pickups.
  • We provided FEMA and the State of Indiana descriptions of capabilities as they amass their options and determine what is next now, tomorrow and into the future.