Walker Products

Premiere Design and Performance are Standard

Walker's expert craftsmen build products known for their lightweight durability and unmatched weld quality. We work with you every step of the way to deliver equipment to your specification and be there after the sale. From our exclusive frame and cradle design to repeatable processes in manufacturing facilities that undergo regular quality inspections, it all adds up to reliable tanks that remain on the road decade after decade.


3A Sanitary

With productivity and profitability in mind, Americas leading tank truck carriers rely on lightweight Walker tanks to haul nearly 80% of the milk produced in the U.S. 

Farm Pickup

Expect the most return on your investment with Walker truck-mounted tanks and tank trailers that are designed to maximize operating efficiency and reduce maintenance and downtime.

Food Grade

Walker food grade trailers extend the benefits of maximized payloads and high performance to those who haul fruit, spices corn sweeteners, soy oils and other bulk foods products. Exceeding sanitary standards for food transport, our tanks also accommodate organic and kosher foods—and kosher washout standards—with the highest available washout temperatures and soak times in the industry.

For 3A, food-grade or other stainless steel tank trailer needs, Walker offers the solutions that drive future-forward business. 

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