MSCT Refrigerated Trailer - 590x415

The Future of Refrigerated Transport is Here

Next-level thermal efficiency in a lighter, stronger reefer.

Designed and constructed with advanced molded structural composite (MSC) technology, the MSC Reefer is setting breakthrough performance standards that will make you want to trade your conventional equipment.

"Wabash National continues to raise the bar in innovation with this advanced reefer design".

– Brock Ackerman, owner, K&B Transportation

More Thermally Efficient

With this type of thermal improvement, you can dramatically reduce your operating costs – run fewer  hours, use less fuel, and keep your equipment longer. 


Increase your revenue per mile – save fuel, haul more freight, and expand your backhaul options with a composite reefer that is lighter than most conventional designs.

Greater Strength and Durability

The all-composite floor system increases cube capacity, eliminates corrosion issues you see with conventional reefers. 

The molded structural composite sidewalls, nose, and roof provide up to 2x the puncture resistance of standard liners, keeping your maintenance costs at a minimum.

Service and Support

We know your equipment gets abused, so when repairs are needed, we have the answer. Our national dealer network has the know-how to quickly and efficiently repair any damage. We’ll also provide your maintenance personnel with all the training they need – at your facility or ours.



Trailer Aerodynamics


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