DuraPlate HD  590x415

Less is More

DuraPlate Performance: Now 300 lb. Lighter.

Wabash National is advancing the trucking industry with new material technologies that will transform fleet operations. The evolution of the industry’s best-selling composite panel—DuraPlate—is here.

Introducing DuraPlate Cell Core. The next generation of composite plate technology.

DID YOU KNOW?   Fleet-tested DuraPlate Cell Core provides durability comparable to conventional DuraPlate.

300 Pounds Lighter

Engineered cellular structures in the panel’s core reduce weight, allowing you to haul more freight, save fuel and increase your revenue per mile.

Strong and Durable

Durability that is compatible to conventional DuraPlate (53' trailer) ensures strength, damage resistance and maximum uptime.

Fleet-tested Performance

DuraPlate Cell Core trailers are standing up to the challenges of extreme loading and unloading, the need to haul more per load and save fuel.

2019 Availability

Mid-2019 will mark the start of production of DuraPlate Cell Core (HD model) trailers. 

DuraPlate Cell Core Stands Up to the Test.

Commitment by Beacon. Performance by Wabash.

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