Aluminum Petroleum Semi-Trailers

Beall Semi Trailer  590x415

Peerless Design

Beall 406 petroleum tank trailers deliver unmatched quality and performance.

With a wide variety of designs and configurations available, Beall® petroleum tanks deliver industry-leading performance. We incorporate higher standards and precision engineering to produce the lightest, safest most dependable equipment available. Beall petroleum tanks deliver more payload with lower maintenance, and we stand behind each of our custom built petroleum tank trailers with exceptional service throughout product life. 

"Beall is the highest quality trailer I've ever used. The welds are the best in the business."

– Dan Baillargeon, Director of Transportation, Conoco Oil

Light and Rugged

  • Industry-leading frameless design
  • Precision rolled and fully welded barrel
  • Butt-welded tank shell seams for maximum joint strength
  • Long, wide sheets for optimal seam placement and barrel integrity
  • Roll stability system and low center of gravity
  • Industry-leading, highest grade welding
  • Customized compartment splits
  • Trailer stability control
  • Air suspension standard
  • Ergonomic controls
  • LED lighting standard
  • High-gloss, mirror finish, polished shell and end heads
  • Low center of gravity
  • 100% assembled in Beall facilities
  • 3-year limited warranty

Higher ROI

  • Ready for service immediately
  • Long-lasting, even in demanding operating environments
  • Convenient access to hoses, fittings and connections
  • Excellent ride quality
  • Unsurpassed tank quality
  • Reduced rollover risk
  • Lighter weight for improved payload capacity
  • Faster unloading time
  • Rugged to withstand any weather or road conditions

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Experience the industry’s lightest, strongest petroleum tank trailers. Our team of expert technicians creates custom designed and custom built Beall petroleum tank trailers that last.

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